Directions to Hveragerði

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Directions to Hveragerði

Directions to Hveragerði

Hveragerði counts about 2500 inhabitants and lies on the river Varma, meaning warm river. The hot springs (VERY hot springs) near the city are - how could it be otherwise? - of volcanic origin. (Photo by: Hafsteinn Robertsson)

The activity of the sources can only be called heavy. You will see steam plumes coming out of the ground everywhere. The places in town with the hot springs and boiling mud are safely fenced off but easily accessible to be admired by tourists. Usually you need to pay an entrance fee. You can also visit a small geyser, the Grýla.

Thermal springs

You can enjoy the warmth of the hot springs in the local Laugaskarð pool, the largest pool in the country. It is known for its great accommodation, such as hot springs, landscaped whirlpools, solar lamps and natural steam baths.


You will also notice that there are greenhouses everywhere in town. The hot springs are in fact also used in horticulture. The region around Hveragerði heats 40% of the greenhouses of Iceland. Here they grow fruits, vegetables and flowers, things  that you would not expect here normally. You will even find bananas!

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