Directions to Dimmuborgir

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Directions to Dimmuborgir

Directions to Dimmuborgir

Go to Route 848 and follow it farther south. About 1 km further, turn left, towards  dimmuborgir, with its unique pillars of lava.

Photo by: Kamil Porembiński

Dimmuborgir  emerged  after  an  eruption  of  the  Þrengslaborgir  and  Lúdentsborgir volcanoes. In DimmuBorgir (“dark castles”), the lava stream ended up in a small lake. While lava flowed over marshy land, water began to boil from the swamps, and steam began  to  spray  from  pipe-shaped  pillars  of  lava.  When  the  lava  then  reached  the increasingly lower ground near Myvatn, the top layer of lava began to crack.

The pillars however remained standing upright. You’ll find lava formations that make you think of castles or churches. There is a walkway constructed around the main formations, including the “church” and the “hollow”. Dimmuborgir also has an important place in folklore.

According to the stories, the region connects earth and hell. In Norwegian and Nordic Christian mythology, this is the place where the Devil landed when he was exiled from Heaven. It is told he founded here the Catacombs of Hell.

The Norwegian black metal group Dimmu Borgir was named after these rocks.

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