Directions to Góðafoss waterfall

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Directions to Góðafoss waterfall

Directions to Góðafoss waterfall

Góðafoss waterfall is 48 km from Húsavík. Take Route 85 and then Route 845 (go straight ahead). After about 37 km, turn right towards Route 1 into the direction of Akureyri. 

 Photo by: Marco Bellucci

Góðafoss or “Waterfall of the Gods” got its name in 1000 when Iceland changed from its old Ásatrú religion to Christianity. With this Christianization, Thorgeir Ljósvetningagoði threw the images of the old Viking gods into the waterfall, symbolizing that he rejected the old religion.

You can visit the waterfalls from both the western and the eastern shores. The western side is most easily reached from the car park. For the viewing platform on the eastern shore, you have to take a short walk of 1 km from the restaurant until the bridge. As a reward you’ll get the best view.

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