Directions to Kerið volcanic crater

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Directions to Kerið volcanic crater

Directions to Kerið volcanic crater

The Kerið crater is not the only crater in the region. Other volcanic craters include the Seyðishólar and Kerhóll. (Photo by: Milan Nykodym)

However, what makes this one so special is the crater lake that was created after the explosion. Unlike many similar craters, the caldera or boiler is still quite intact.The crater is 55 metres deep, 170 metres wide and 270 metres long. It originated around 3,000 years ago.

Practical information:

Approximately 56 km from the Gullfoss waterfalls (or 39 km from the Secret Lagoon), you find Kerið, one of the many volcanic craters that you will encounter during your trip.From the Gullfloss waterfall, take Route 35 towards Selfoss. Follow this road for about 56 km (you will have to turn left at some point towards Selfoss). The crater is located on the left side of the road. 

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  • GPS: 64.0423193, -20.8883035
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