Directions to Krýsuvík Seltun

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Directions to Krýsuvík Seltun

Directions to Krýsuvík Seltun

The thermal area, Krýsuvík Seltun, was formed by the gap between the European and North American tectonic plates. It smells like rotten eggs (hydrogen sulphide).

You can visit the area by wooden walkways that run between the bubbling and boiling mud pools. The ground is coloured green, yellow and red.

Photo by: GeorgeDement

Practical information:

Krýsuvík Seltun, one of the most active spring areas in southern Iceland. Krýsuvík is approximately 35 km from the Blue Lagoon. From the parking lot of the Blue Lagoon, take the road to Grindavík. Then take Route427, then Route42.

  • GPS: 63.894714, -22.051334

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