Directions to Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool

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Directions to Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool

Directions to Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool

 The Seljavallalaug pool was built in 1923 to teach locals how to swim. You can enjoy outdoor swimming while enjoying the spectacular surroundings. The pool is built next to a cliff and filled with water from a natural hot spring. It measures 25 metres by 10 metres and features (primitive) changing rooms. The pool is always open and free.

Photo by: Krik Y.

Practical information:

You can reach the pool via Route 242, on the left side of Route 1, just past the Eyjafjallajökull Erupts museum. It is marked with a sign saying “Raufarfell”. Follow Route 242 until you see the sign “Seljavellir”. You arrive at a car park. From there it is about a 15 minutes’ walk to the valley, where you can find the old swimming pool. You cannot see it directly from the car park. Along the way you must jump over a stream, but don’t panic, the walk is doable for everyone.

  • GPS: 63.5659877, -19.6086192
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