Driving directions Diamond Circle Tour

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Driving directions Diamond Circle Tour

Driving directions Diamond Circle Tour

The next couple of days, we will visit sights along the so-called Diamond Circle route between Húsavík and Mývatn and back. (Photo by: Doug Kerr)

Day 1 - Reyðarfjörður to Húsavík

Hengifoss and Litlanesfoss waterfalls

The route starts along Highway 92 today, which you should take northbound until Egilsstaðir (35 km). From there, you can make an optional visit to the waterfalls of  hengifoss and Litlanesfoss. These are about 36 km from Egilsstaðir. If you do not wish to visit these waterfalls, then drive along from Egilsstaðir on to the Dettifoss and Selfoss waterfalls.

Dettifoss, Selfoss and Hafragilsfoss waterfalls

The Dettifoss and Selfoss waterfalls are located approximately 163 km from Egilsstaðir. Follow Route 1 and turn right heading north on Road 862. There, after about 16 km, you should turn right to dettifoss and Sefloss. You can also go there via Road 864, but this is a gravel road, the condition of which is very dependent on the weather. In winter the route may not be accessible because of snow and mud.


About 24 km past the Dettifoss waterfall, you will find hljóðaklettar also known as echo rock, in Jökulsárgljúfur National Park. Continue north on Road 862.

Ásbyrgi Canyon

The last stop of the day before we drive to Húsavík will be the ásbyrgi canyon, in Jökulsárgljúfur National Park. Continue north on Road 862 and turn right on Road 85. Ásbyrgi is about 15 km from Hljóðaklettar.

Húsavík is located about 70 km from Hljóðaklettar. Return to Route 85 (turn left) and follow it until you get into the cosy town of Husavík. We spend the night here.

Day 2 - Húsavík to Laugar

Today there are not many kilometres on the program. A large part of the day will be spent on a whale-watching trip, a must-do in Iceland.


We start the day with an exploration of the town of Húsavík and a cruise in search of whales.

Góðafoss waterfall

We leave Húsavík and drive to Góðafoss waterfall. This is 48 km from Húsavík. Take Route 85 and then Route 845 (go straight ahead). After about 37 km, turn right towards Route 1 into the direction of Akureyri.

Elves and the Elfstone in Laugar

About 12 km from Godafoss is the village called Laugar. Follow Ring Road 1 eastbound. Here we will spend the next two nights.

Day 3 - Mývatn and around

The starting point of the day is Laugar, where we will spend the night again this evening. Today there are a lot of stops, not too far apart.

Viti Crater in Krafla

51 km east of Laugar is the Víti volcano crater. This is accessible from the ring road. Take Route 863 to Krafla. About 9 km farther you arrive at the viti Crater.

Hveraröndor Hverir/Námaskarð

Return from Route 863 to Route 1. We now go to the swirling mud pools in Hverir.

Grjótagjá Lavagrot

4 km farther along Route 1, near the Lake Myvatn - we return in the direction that we have driven before - you will find Grjótagjá, a small lava cave, and especially for Game of Thrones fans, worth a stop.

Hverfjall Crater

Continue back on Route 1 and turn left to Highway 848 (south). About 4 km later, turn left and drive along the dirt road to the hverfjall Crater.


Return to Route 848 and follow it farther south. About 1 km further, turn left, towards  dimmuborgir, with its unique pillars of lava.

Höfði Rock Formations

We continue the route on Route 848. Our next stop is about 3 km away, on the right side of the road: the rock formations of höfði.

Skútustaðir Pseudo Craters

Drive along Route 848 around Lake Mývatn. On the south side of the lake you can see the Skútustaðir pseudo craters.

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