What to do in Hauganes?

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What to do in Hauganes?

What to do in Hauganes?

In the village Hauganes (140 inhabitants), drive towards the wharf. There, you can sample Bacalao (salted cod) at the company called Ektafiskur. During a tour, you’ll learn all about the production of Bacalao and the history of this family business. In the restaurant there is the possibility to taste some more Bacalao. (Photo by: Ektafiskur)

There are actually many ways to prepare Bacalao: Bacalao pizza, fish soup with Bacalao, or a delicious piece of fried Bacalao. The company was founded in 1940, and today it is the fifth generation continuing the tradition of salting cod.

1. Whale watching

Were you unable to go on a whale-watching tour in Húsavík? Then you can go today with Ektafiskur, the oldest tourist whale-watching company in Iceland. They started this activity in the 1940s.

2. Taste rotten shark

Besides Bacalao, you can also taste fermented (rotten) shark. You should give it a try, along with the local homemade schnapps. Whoever is brave enough will get a certificate of membership in the “Rotten Shark Club of Hauganes”.

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