Where to do White-Water Rafting in Iceland

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Where to do White-Water Rafting in Iceland

Where to do White-Water Rafting in Iceland

Are you looking for an activity full of excitement and adrenaline? You can go white-water rafting at Riverrafting.is - Bakkaflöt. You reach Bakkaflöt along Route 75. Take Route 752 in Varmahlíð and take a left at the end (Route 754). It is about 20 km from Glaumbær.

Photo by: Stig Nygaard

For  the  rafting  adventure,  you  can  choose  different  difficulty  levels.  A  team  of experienced  guides  will  take  you  by  bus  (20  minutes)  to  the  starting  point.  To ensure that everything is safe, you first get a briefing with in-case-of-emergency demonstrations. Then the tour will start. Along the way you’ll stop for a break with some “Icelandic” hot chocolate. You also get the opportunity to do a cliff jump.

After the rafting you can warm up again in the warm pool and jacuzzis. On the site of Bakkaflöt, there is also the possibility of paintball and a real adventure park for the children.

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