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If you are planning a visit to the glistening glaciers and dramatic volcanoes of Iceland then you have at your fingertips the chance to make that visit the most magical one possible, for far less effort than you may have imagined. Hassle free travel to the land of ice and fire is guaranteed when you download the handy Iceland Guide and gain instant access to a valuable repository of information. There is nothing worse, when travelling, than thinking that you have missed something. It is certain that you will miss nothing when you have in your possession this ultimate insider's Iceland Guide.

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Research and good planning are key to a successful holiday experience – but no one said that you have to do all the leg work yourself. Let's face it – most of us these days have little time to spend hours making sure we have all the information about the place we are visiting. We may have time to look at the basics and will likely be vaguely aware of some of the key attractions. It is unlikely, however, that we will have been able to find the time to truly immerse ourselves in our research and will have, at best, only a sketchy understanding of where to go and what to see. With this guide, you won't need to try to find the time and will not need to rely on your own patchy research. With this guide, all the research has been done for you.

What is more, this research has not simply been cobbled together piecemeal from information in other guides or on the Internet. This is a work of dedication, a work which reflects a love of Iceland and many visits that have been made there by people who have walked the lava-strewn earth there, driven the icy mountain passes and circled round the dramatic coast, eaten fresh local food and spoken with local people as the northern lights wheeled overhead. This guide is a guide not just to the 'tourist' Iceland, but to the real Iceland, complex, fascinating and beautiful. Tips from locals help ensure that you have more than a regular guidebook. You will have an Icelandic friend at your elbow, steering your course.

All the hidden gems are included, along with the headline attractions. You can be sure that you will not miss a thing. The things included in this guide have all been tried and tested and ensure that you can make the most of your time in Iceland. Instead of wasting your time trying to do your own remote research, trust those who have done the leg work for you and download this e-book Iceland Guide. This guide is second only to travelling with someone who knows Iceland as a constant companion. From the practical necessities to the helpful hints, everything is included in one handy document. Once you have downloaded the e-book Iceland Guide, all the have to do is book your tickets, pack your bags and set off for your Icelandic adventure.

  • Special places we would have missed otherwise ... We have just returned from a 16-day Iceland tour. The travel book was very helpful, we had downloaded and printed. The PDF travel guide helped us to find nice places. Very organized itinerary with a road map which listed all sites. TOP!
5-star rating

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